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Trust Watson Disposal for Your Residential Garbage Pickup and Waste Disposal

Residential service with Watson Disposal comes with a 95 gallon cart, which holds about 7 normal kitchen trash bags. We also have 65 gallon carts available. If your home routinely generates more trash than the standard cart, or you have a home-based business, we offer additional carts at discounted rates.

Available Residential Service Levels:

dot- 1 pick up per month
dot- 2 pick ups per month
dot- Weekly pickups

Set Out Times:

Materials must be out for collection by 7am however it may be set out the night before. Due to unforeseen delays (inclement weather) please leave out until 6pm on your service day. Watson Disposal return to pick up late set-outs are subject to an additional fee.

If items were out before 7am, but were not picked up, Watson Disposal may be contacted at 906-238-4440.

Requirements for Pickup:

We understand that there will be weeks you will have a little extra garbage, and that’s okay. Extra household trash will be accepted as long as properly contained and weighing no more than 30lbs. Additional items can be outside the cart provided but cut to a size so 1 person can lift and carry it. “Rule of thumb” is 1 person needs to be able to lift items and carry them to the truck, and the extra container/bag must be strong enough not to break and spill contents. Excessive amounts of extra and bulk trash may require an additional charge, contact our office for details.

Unacceptable cart materials:

dot- No Hazardous Materials
dot- No Paint- cans must be empty and dry
dot- No Oils/Liquids
dot- No tires
dot- No TV’s/Mattresses

Container Placement and Removal:

Place your containers in the street at curbside, near the edge of your driveway. Place the container’s handles toward your home, and at least three feet away from any obstruction (car, fence, lamp, or mailbox, etc.). Allow a minimum distance of one foot between ALL automated containers. All containers must be at curbside by 7 a.m. or earlier on your collection day. Prior to removing your container from the curbside, please check to see if it has been emptied, as each container is emptied at a different time.

The diagram below shows the proper placement of your containers on your collection day.




By being a good neighbor and remembering to remove your trash, and recycle containers on collection day, you will be helping to keep your neighborhood neat and clean..


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